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European Cade Raid Trophy
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Since   our   motorcycle   accident   3rd   of   July   2007   in   Holland,   I   thought   my   driving   with   Cade was   done.   But.   Suzuki   Cavalcade   is   kind   of   a   motorcycle   to   which   one   grows   into. You   can´t drop that easily. Now   after   years   as   we   managed   to   arrange   CadeRaid   in   Finland   (2013),   it   convinces   me   of the   continuity   of   the   Raid   and   of   the   friendship   among   Cavalcade   owners.   I   therefore   have decided   to   assign   a   Trophy   to   be   passed   on   to   every   organizer   of   European   CadeRaid.   It   is made   out   of   the   original   stator   cover   of   my   2007   crashed   Cade   to   state   and   remind   the necessity of CadeRaid to every new organizer. European   CadeRaid   Trophy   should   be   given   ahead   in   each   CadeRaid   with   this   story   behind   it.   I   wish   that   the   Trophy   will   be   on display in every CadeRaid and on the bottom of it should be marked current Raid and year. Finland 6th of July 2013 Juha Heinonen SCCF President