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European Cade Raid 2010 in Sweden
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4th European Cade Raid at the High Chaparral, Sweden from 6th to 9th of August 2010 Who   would   have   thought   that   the   Wild   Wild   West   would   be   relocated   to   a   very   green,   wet   country called   Sweden   with   not   a   desert   in   sight.      The   High   Chaparral,   a   Western   park,   complete   with   railroad,   saloon   and   it   wouldn’t   be   a   Western   with   out them,   a   tribe   of   Blackfoot   Indians   all   the   way   from   the   USA.      There   were shoot   outs   between   outlaws   and   the   sheriff's   men,   fastest   draw   contests, bronco   riding,   not   on   a   real   horse   but   a   mechanical   one.      Then   you’ve got   the   whore   house,   barbers,   gun   shop   and   a   hotel,   that’s   were   we stayed.      The   trouble   with   the   hotel   is   that   if   you   wanted   to   go   to   sleep   before   2   am   you   were   out of   luck   has   they   had   music   blasting   out   at   above   120   db   until   that   time.      The   notices   around   the hotel   warned   people   to   be   quiet   after   11   pm   or   they   could   be   thrown   out   but   you   would   never hear anyone from next door because all you could hear was the music. The   number   of   Cavalcades   that   attended   the   Rally   was   31.      Here   are   the   Country   and   numbers:     Sweden   16;   Norway   3;   Finland   3;   Netherlands   3;   United   Kingdom   3;   Belgium   2   and   Denmark   1.     There were also other makes and models of motorcycles with the group. Saturday   night   we   had   our   meeting   as   usual,   after   the   meal,   where   the   next   days   events   were relayed   to   the   members.      After   that   the   Country   for   the   Cade   Raid   for   2012   was   given   to   the participants,   this   being   Northern   France   and   also   the   Cade   Raid   for   2013   being   Finland.         Bo Alvemark was given a big thank you for organising the Cade raid in Sweden.  Saturday   night   in   the   restaurant   to   have   a   very   good   meal   and   British   Real   Ale   costing   £6   a bottle,   well   worth   it   after   drinking   the   so   called   beer   of   Sweden.      At   the   end   of   the   evening   Bo Alvemark   made   a   speech   thanking   people   for   attending   the   Cade   Raid.      That   only   left   me   to confirm   The   Baskerville   Hall   Hotel   as   the   venue   of   the   2011   Cade   Raid;   the   2012   Cade   Raid   to be in Northern France and the 2013 Raid to be given to Finland. There   was   to   be   a   ride   out   on   the   Sunday   but   the   rain   was   persistent   and   heavy,   not   the   kind   of weather   to   go   and   see   the   Elks   on   a   100   Km   ride.   Hopefully   the   next   time   the   weather   will   be kinder. A   lot   of   the   riders   left   on   the   Sunday   leaving   just   1   Swedish   family,   4   Dutch,      4   Belgium's and 4 British people.  On Monday the final participants left to make our way home. Cade Raid 2010 was organised by Bo Alvemark and his team
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