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European Cade Raid 2012 in France
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6th European Cade Raid at La Bresse, France. July from 6th to 9th of July 2012 The   Cade   Raid   was   held   this   year   in   the   picturesque   region   of   Alsas,   France   in   a   little   village called    La    Bresse,    mainly    a    ski    resort.        There    were    15    Cavalcades    in attendance   this   year.   One   only   came   for   the   Saturday,   has   they   live   over the   border   in   Germany,   just   2   hrs   from   La   Bresse.        The   group   was   made up   of   the   following   countries:   6   Belgium,   3   Netherlands,   3   German,   2 Norwegians and 1 British Cavalcades. As   Usual   there   was   a   ride   out   on   the   Saturday   with   Sunday   being   another   ride   or   rest   day   if   preferred.     The   scenery   in   the   area   was excellent and La Bresse is well worth a visit if your in that part of France. The   site   had   camping   and   a   small   hotel,   a   restaurant   that   only   opened   at   breakfast   and   for   1½   hrs   in   the   evening   serving   only burgers,   fish   fingers,   etc.,   that   meant   no   bar   after   8:30   pm.,   so   most   people   went   into   town   for   a meal and a drink every day. In   the   restaurant   on   the   Saturday   night   after   the   meal,   we   were   lead   into   a   sing   along   by   Geir from      Norway   ,   and   prompted   by   Leo   from   Holland,   there   was   a   rendition   of Alice   and   I   don’t   have to tell you the chorus do I. I   would   like   to   thank   Yves   Rummens   for   all   the   hard   work   he   put   into   finding   this   site   and   for organising   the   entire   weekend.   This   included   booking   a   hotel   near   his   home   taking   us   out   for   a meal on the Thursday night and taking through a very interesting route to the Cade Raid. Cade Raid 2012 was organised by Yves Rummens and his team
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