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Cavalcade Europe Community for all European Suzuki Cavalcade Clubs
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Due to COVID-19 traveling

restrictions 2020 Finland

and 2021 England Cade

Raid Europe were cancelled.

Cavalier International #18 Hi   Everyone,      This   is   the   link    to   latest   Cavalier,   the   E   magazine.   I   would   like   some   of   you   to write   articles   for   the   magazine.     Anything   to   do   with   your   experiences,   rides   you’ve   been   on, how   you   got   into   motorcycling,   how   you   became   to   ride   the   best   touring   bike   in   the   world, parts wanted or for sale, just about anything to do with motorcycles. David Hebblethwaite SCCUK
Welcome to the European Cavalcade riders pages From   these   pages   you   will   find   stories   of   pre-covid   time   Cade   Raids,   information   about   maintenance   and   links   to   spare   part dealers as well you can read all puhlished Cavalier International newsletters.