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Cavalcade Regalia
Cavalcade Europe Community for all European Suzuki Cavalcade Clubs
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Paddock Jacket

Quilted inside, with or without wool collar. Cost: £65 + post and Package. FRONT: Club logo on left breast SHOULDERS: CAVALCADE or SUZUKI flashes on both. BACK: Horse/Rider & Cavalcade Script. The jacket can be ordered with just the Horse/Rider + Cavalcade Script on the back & flashes on the shoulders £60 + p&p

     From £60.00 to £65.00 +pp

Horse/Rider & Cavalcade Script Script can be on the front or back of any garment. At extra cost .  It can also be on the left breast at  the prices quoted below.

For T-shirts £12; Polo shirt  £16  & Sweatshirt £20 + pp


T-shirts and Polo shirts

All garments with logo on left breast . T-shirt £11 + p&p; Polo shirt £16 + p&p; Sweatshirt £20 + p&p Postage and Packing Costs T-shirt/Polo shirt:  1 shirt  £5                               2 shirts £7 Sweatshirt:            1 shirt £7                               2 shirts £9

     From £11.00 to £16.00 + pp


Cap with bike and Cavalcade script.  Any colour.   £12 + p&p:         P&P: 1 Cap £2.50; 2 Caps £3.50

     £12.00 +pp

Belt Buckle

Cavalcade Belt Buckle Replica in nickel.

     £15.00 +pp

Cavalcade Shield Pin

Cavalcade Shield Pin, metal, screw attachment.

     £3.00 +pp

Cavalcade Bike Pin

Cavalcade Bike Pin, metal, screw attachment.

     £3.00 +pp

Ordering For T-shirts; Polo shirts & Sweatshirts please include size(s), colour(s) & quantity required.  
You will receive a request for payment including post and package using PAYPAL.  This means that you can pay using any credit or debit cards.  All payments will be in GBP (Pounds Sterling). No other currencies accepted.  As soon as we receive your payment the goods will be sent.  Please allow 28 days for delivery to Europe; other countries may take longer. All regalia shipped world wide

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Suzuki Cavalcade Club Logo This is on the left breast of t- shirts, polo shirts, etc. Any Country, e.g. Belgium, or State, e.g. Texas, can replace United Kingdom shown in example above.