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European Cade Raid 2007 in Holland
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1st. European Cade Raid from 29th of June to 2nd of July 2007 at Harlingen, Holland   The   First   European   Cade   Raid   was   attended   by   25   people,   1   child   &   a   dog   riding   pillion   on   a Yamaha.  Altogether   there   were   15   Cavalcades;   3   from   Great   Britain;   2   from   Holland; 2    from    Germany;    1    from    Finland    and    7    Cavalcades    from    Belgium.      Belgium    has    the    largest    amount    of    Cavalcades    of    any    European Country. The   chosen   campsite   was   at   the   the   end   of   a   dyke   built   to   keep   the   sea   from   a   inland   lake.      The   site   had   good   provision   for camping   as   well   as   rooms   and   cabins   for   hire.     The   food   was   very   good   although   not   a   lot   of   chose,   but   who   cares   when   you   are   on holiday and there’s plenty of beer to drink. On   the   Saturday   we   had   a   ride   out   led   by   Leo   Schneider   ending   up   at   a   town   called   Sneek.      Here   we   enjoy   a   little   light entertainment   from   some   guys   doing   a   commercial   for   the   town.      One   dressed   in   am   orange   suit   and   the   other   two   in   traditional Dutch   costumes.      The   sun   was   out   for   a   change   and   we   all   enjoyed   a   few   drinks   and   a   light snack.      Then   it   was   back   to   the   campsite   for   the   evening   and   after   a   meal   we   all   gathered   to decide   where   we   go   in   2008.      After   a   vote   the   decision   was   Belgium,   Friday   4th   to   Monday   7th July 2008. On   the   Sunday   most   people   made   their   way   home   as   they   had   work   on   the   Monday   and   sadly   by mid afternoon there were only the British left with a night visit by Leo and Sheila. A   great   time   was   had   by   all   and   many   new   friends   were   made   so   make   a   note   of   the   dates   and join us next year at the 2nd European Cade Raid in Belgium. Cade Raid 2007 was organised by David Hebblethwaite and his team
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