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My friends Dave and Ronnie

  I   first   met   Dave   and   Ronnie   (Veronica)   Hebblethwaite   in   the late 1980's when they joined the Suzuki Owners Club (SOC)   shortly   after   myself.   Dave,   with   his   background   of local   political   organisations,   quickly   became   involved   with his   local   SOC   Centre   -   Yorkshire.   He   took   on   the   roll   of Centre    Secretary    and    with    Ronnie's    help    developed    the Yorkshire   Centre   into   one   of   the   largest   SOC   Centres   in   the country.   Dave   then   progressed   to      National   Chairman   of   the SOC   which   saw   him   become   involved   in   organising   national and   international   events.   Myself,   Dave   and   Ronnie   gave   up a   lot   of   our   time   and   money   to   staff   big   events   such   as   the International   Motorcycle   Show    held   annually   at   the   NEC Birmingham.   We   would   spend   10   days   at   the   Show   trying   to persuade   Suzuki   owners   and   riders   to   join   the   SOC.   The only    reward    for    this    commitment    was    the    satisfaction    of signing   up   new   members   to   the   Club   and   talking   all   day about motorcycles with like minded people.   After   Dave   and   myself   had   concluded   our   SOC   National Committee   membership   we   both   continued   to   participate   at local   level.   By   this   time   Dave   had   discovered   the   Cavalcade and   had   purchased   his   first   Cade.   Dave   was   the   first   person to   show   a   Cavalcade   at   the   prestigious   Classic   Motorcycle Mechanics   Show   held   annually   in   Stafford   every   October. Dave   wanted   to   know   how   many   Cavalcades   there   were   in the   UK   (they   were   not   available   to   buy   new   in   the   UK   and would   be   imported   from   the   USA   or   Europe)   so   he   formed the    Suzuki    Cavalcade    Club    UK    (SCCUK).    He    gathered together   a   small   but   enthusiastic   group   of   UK   Cade   riders and    organised    several    national    and    international    events. This   included   a   tour   of   Scotland   which   was   well   attended   by several   Cavalcade   riders   from   Sweden.     After   a   few   years   of little   activity   in   the   SCCUK   Dave   was   surprised   to   hear   that   I had   purchased   a   Cavalcade   which   had   been   owned   by   a former   SOC   National   Committee   member.   I   had   actually ridden   with   this   Cavalcade   on   many   rides   not   knowing   I would   eventually   own   it   nearly   20   years   later.   This   inspired Dave   to   organise   more   SCCUK   events   as   Andy   Wainwright had   now   contacted   Dave   and   was   keen   to   ride   with   other Cade   owners.   After   several   UK   rides   and   meetings   during which   only   one   other   Cavalcade   had   attended   we   thought   it might   be   a   good   idea   to   try   and   organise   a   European   event in   a   country   where   there   were   more   Cavalcades.   This   led   to the    organising    of    the    European    Cade    Raid    2007     in    the Netherlands   (Holland).   We   were   only   expecting   a   handfull of   Cades   to   attend   but   we   were   pleasantly   surprised   to   have 15   Cavalcades   from   5   countries.   The   European   Cade   Raid attendance     peaked     in     2010     in     Sweden      where     31 Cavalcades   came   together.   This   was   almost   certainly   the largest   gathering   of   Cavalcades   outside   of   the   USA.   Many of    the    regular    attendees    of    the    Cade    Raids    have    now become   good   friends   even   though   the   meetings   are   only once   a   year.   Dave   has   successfully   encouraged   other   Cade riders   to   organise   the   European   Cade   Raid   in   their   own countries.   He   has   also   assisted   in   organising   the   European Cavalcade    website    and    now    has    a    new    project    -    The Cavalier E-Magazine . Dave    is    clearly    a    man    dedicated    to    the    Cavalcade    -    If Suzuki   made   a   modern   version   of   the   bike   Dave   would   own the   first   one   in   the   UK.   Thank   you   Dave   and   Ronnie   for inspiring   all   Cavalcade   riders   to   come   together   and   enjoy their bikes.   Tony Taylor, SCCUK

Yves Rummens

French translations SCCB - Driving two tone maroon Cade LXE 1988. My motto: If you don’t come to tomorrow’s Cade Raid, others will not come in the future and the Cade Raid’s will perish.


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