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European Cade Raid 2011 in England
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5th. European Cade Raid at Baskerville Hall Hotel, Wales from 1st to 4th of July 2011 The   Baskerville   Hall   Hotel   is   set   in   a   very   quiet,   picturesque   area   just   inside   the   boundary   of Wales, just 2.5 miles away was the town of Hay-on-Wye in England. Baskerville   Hall   was   the   home   to   the   Baskerville   family   and   was   built   in 1836.      It   was   here   that   Conan   Doyle   wrote   the   famous   book   “The   Hounds Of   The   Baskerville’s”.   The   emblem   of   the   Baskerville’s   was   a   hunting dog   ,   and   they   had   several   hounds,   that’s   what   his   book   was   based   on, although set in Devon has Sir Baskerville didn’t want visitors flocking to the Hall.   That’s   enough   of   the   history   now   for   the   event.     The   owner   of   Baskerville   is   a   very   easy   going   person   who   made   sure   that   our   event went   without   any   disasters   or   complications.      The   facilities   were   very   good,   with   indoor   swimming      pool,   bar   and   very   good restaurant.  Camping facilities  were adequate.   On   Friday   night   we   all   relaxed   and   renewed   friendships   and   generally   had   a   good   time   drinking   beer,   well   the   British   did,   the   others just drank lager, fizzy pop as we Brit's say.   Saturday and Tony Taylor took us on a short 100 mile tour around the Brecon hills of Wales. We   went   from   60   mph   roads,   to   50   mph   roads   and   then   to   very   narrow   winding   country   lanes climbing   to   about   1000   feet   above   sea   level.      Passing   through   the   villages   of   Wales   the   people looked in amazement as the Cavalcades went by. The   first   stop   was   at   the   Elan   Valley   visitors   centre   for   a   little   bit   of   refreshment   and   a   rest   before riding   around   the   dam   and   over   the   hills   on   the   very   narrow   roads,   the   cars   had   to   pull   off   the road   to   let   the   Cavalcades   pass,   not   enough   room   for   a   car   and   a   Cavalcade.     As   you   will   see   in the photos the scenery was fantastic.   This    year    we    had    14    Cavalcades    attend    the    Cade    Raid    from:    3    British,    3    Belgium's,    4 Netherlands, 2 Norwegians, 1 Swedish and 1 Polish rider who has come to England to live. Cade Raid 2011 was organised by David Hebblethwaite and his team
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