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European Cade Raid 2009 in Germany
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3rd European Cade Raid AM Springhorstsee, Germany from 3rd to 6th of July 2009 AM   Springhorstsee   is   near   to   Hanover   and   consists   of   a   lake,   hotel/restaurant   and   camping   area.     Places   that   offer   all   these   facilities   are   very   hard   to   find   in   most   European countries.      After   a   bit   of   confusion   about   bookings,   we   all   settled   in   very nicely   and   by   the   time   for   dinner   came   around   there   was   a   total   of   12 Cavalcades,   2   Yamaha   900   diversions      and   a   Suzuki   Madura.         Head count of people were: 6 Germans, 6 Belgium's, 4 Dutch, 5 Swedes,  2 British and 1 American. The   ride   out   on   the   Saturday   took   about   5   hours   including   a   stop   for   refreshments.      In   total   the trip   was   just   over   150   Km   (100   miles)   passing   through   some   great   scenery      on   roads   meant   for motorcycles. After   dinner   we   had   a   meeting   to   discuss   plans   for   next   year   and   thanks   were   given   to   Robert Förge   for   all   the   work   he   had   done   on   securing   the   venue; Yves   Rummens   and   his   wife   for   taking the   photos   and   to   Patrick   Delvaux   &   Brenda   Wijers   for   taking   control   of   the   stewarding   of   the Cavalcades at road junctions and roundabouts, stopping traffic until every rider was through. Cade Raid 2009 was organised by Robert Förg and his team
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