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European Cade Raid 2015 in Norway
Cavalcade Europe Community for all European Suzuki Cavalcade Clubs
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There   were   7   bikes   and   4   countries   represented,   but   only 4 Cavalcades present: UK (1 owner 0 bikes) Belgium (2 owner 2 bikes + 1 «guest driver») Netherland (2 owner 0 bikes) Norway (2 owner 2 bikes) So, this was the tiniest European Cade Raid so far. Activities: Arrival    on    Friday    with    something    in    the    glasses    and dinner.   We   could   not   be   to   late   because   we   had   to   leave from   the   hotel   at   0800   AM   Saturday   morning   to   take   the ferry   from   Lauvvik   to   Lysebotn.      The   weather   was   not   too good,    but    no    rain,    and    that    was    the    most    important. During    the    boat    transport    we    saw    Prekestolen    and Kjerragbolten. After   the   ferry   arrived   to   Lysebotn   we   drove   all   the   curves to   the   top.   Stopped   several   times   to   take   pictures   and have    a    look.    As    usual    Yves    drove    several    times    far ahead to take pictures. We   ate   lunch   at   Byrkjedalstunet   and   later   on   we   drove   to Gloppedalsura. In    the    evening    we    had    a    «quite    quiet    party»    and    on Sunday   we   drove   to   the   old   city   of   Stavanger.   Thereafter on   tiny   roads   to   Ulstein   Kloser   (Monastery).   There   were surprisingly   VERY   heavy   traffic   out   there,   and   we   found that   the   reason   was   that   the   yearly   market   took   place that    day.   Then    we    visited    Hafrsfjord.    Here    we    saw    3 sword   in   the   rocks   to   symbolize   the   battle   that   took   place here   in   872   were   Harald   Hårfagre   unified   the   kingdom   of Norway. In   the   evening   we   had   barbeque   with   help   from   Håkon. (Friend of Kåre) Monday   we   all   left   Sandnes.   Hope   to   se   all   of   you   again in Luxembourg  2016 – and a lot of you other guys too. Kåre, Møyfrid and Geir Check out the picture gallery at SCCN site .
Participants came from Holland, Belgium, England and Norway. Photo: SCCN
Happy faces, Dave and Ronnie from England. Photo: SCCN
Yves. Never missing an Cade event. Photo: SCCN
European Cade Raid 2015 was held in Sandnes, Norway 10.-13.7.2015