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European Cade Raid 2013 in Finland
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7th European Cade Raid at Kotka, Finland from 5th to 8th of July 2013 Friday 5th of July 2013 Today is The Day. The day when long planned European Cade Raid 2013 will begin. First time this Finnish Raid was mentioned back in 2007 in Holland. Confirmation for the Raid arrangements was given in Sweden 2010. I was thrilled to think how we could manage everything here in Finland. Before noon I received already several SMS-messages when the participants informed that they have driven first meters on Finnish soil. A thought that foreign Cades shall be seen driven on our roads made me feel so good and brought a wide smile to my face. I was in Hotel Santalahti, Kotka about noon and the first Cade arrived about 1PM, ridden by our “royal photographer” Yves from Belgium. Reaching to 3PM I heard the low sound of V4 from the distance. I knew that a caravan of Cades were about to arrive. There they came, sliding slowly in the dignity of their royalness. “Welcome to Finland”, “How to You do”, “How the trip went” and other greetings were on the air. One could really touch and feel the friendly spirit of Cade Raid. The first evening was spend getting to know the surroundings of Hotel Santalahti. At 9PM David and I started the welcoming ceremony and Timo told the plans for the weekend. Evening went on its own happily on the coast of Gulf of Finland enjoying the company and the midsummer nature and sundown. Saturday 6 th of July 2013 After well slept, although short, night the sun was already high up on the sky requesting Cavalcade-group to join the breakfast. Today our goal was to introduce Finnish nature and the views of the Kotka city. Almost all joined the attendees of our caravan at 9AM on the hotel yard. Weather was pleasing and the mild sea wind escorted us when we started our Cavalcedes to the 150km trip towards the Russian border at Vaalimaa. We drove the Kotka´s Hyväntuulentie (a road of a good wind) to the motorway E18 into City of Hamina. Established at 1653 the City of Hamina is the oldest town in Kymenlaakso area. Back in 1720 the town planning has been drawn as a circle, which is very rare shape of town planning. Because of that Hamina is called by the other name as a circle town due to this unique town plan. Leaving Hamina behind we turned to the Old   Kings   Road . This road has been used by kings and their couriers, bishops and bourgeoisies, artists and armies. Declared as a museum road this road is very popular among Finnish bikers because the curvy roads it has. Unfortunately the speed limit was lowered some years ago to 60km/h. Driving through Virolahti , closing to Vaalimaa we met kilometer’s long truck queue waiting for their turn on the Russian border control. Vaalimaa border has the heaviest traffic between Finland and Russia. At Vaalimaa border we had a little snack in Rajahovi Teboil gas station. On the route back to hotel, we arranged our bikes for show at the front of Sokos store house in Kotka center. Did some shopping and enjoyed fresh strawberries at the market place. Located on the shore of Gulf   of   Finland the City of Kotka is an important harbor and industrial city, being also a diverse school and cultural city. After returning the first Cade Raid 2013 to Santalahti, we had a common photo set up arranged. Being proud we watched the color matching line set up having Cades from England, Belgium, Norway and Finland. I had invited the local newspaper, Kymen   Sanomat , to write an article about this fine every year in Europe occurring Cade Raid event. Being fast enough the newspaper published the cover and two page article on their Sunday issue, which we quite quickly bought to end from the local newspaper stand. Finnish Sauna on the beach was warmed up on the evening. Only some of the brave joined us there bathing in the heat and getting a cold shower to wash up dust of the long day before common evening dinner. I have to give credit to Andy and Aaron for their bravery to “swim” on the sea. We Finns have a manner to offer awards to the motorcycle rally participants in different categories. So it was to be in Cade Raid 2013 tool. The categories and award-winners were; Longest run Yves Rummens, Belgium Oldest participant Timo Vaalimaa, Finland Youngest participant Loke Sorum, Norway Smallest bike on site Juho Heinonen, Finland (Yamaha DT50) Rat Bike Kåre Tweit, Norway The Ladies All four participating ladies were awarded by Iittala design glass. The evening went on quite by itself. Norwegians arranged a long board where we all sit as a one big Cavalcade- family. Geir kept the neighborhood awake composing us with guitar singing his “Cavalcade Songbook” through again and again. We drink and eat snacks and had fun together. I managed to persuade Kåre to give a good rub and shine to his Rat Cade´s front forks, as shiny as mine for the prize of owning now two sewn badges of SCC Finland, although it seems that he had done it the easier way by buying a shinier Cade right after Finnish Cade Raid. On midnight we got some shower which urged us to move to the shelter of hotel terrace, continuing there until early hours. Sunday 7 th of June 2013 Breakfast was really tasteful after last night’s celebration. The strength of food was needed. We made a short trip to Katariinan   niemi (Katariina Seaside park) in Kotka where we again assembled to a common photo shoot. Even Anthony get to pose on his Cade right on the seaside. As the sun shined at +25 celsius, we had some refreshments at Tulikukko in Sapokka. Leaving Sapokka we stopped at the newspaper stand mentioned before. Some of us did some shopping and had a lunch at Route   66 which was very interesting place itself. Sunday evening went on quite a bit decently. Majority of Finns had gone home getting ready for a Mondays workday. Monday 8 th of July 2013 Breakfast was on place at 6AM. Anthony and Aaron started their longer route to home driving up to north for Santa and passing to Sweden. Eventually it was time for goodbyes and Cade Raid 2013 was over. Long planned event had now gone to its end. We wished good and safe journey back home and hoped to see each other in Holland at Cade Raid 2014. Warm thanks to you all participating our first Cade Raid in Finland. Kouvola on snowy Sunday 1 st of December 2013 Juha SCCF President Cade Raid 2013 was organised by Juha Heinonen and his team
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